About Bucha Belly

The story of how Bucha Belly came to be!

Founder's Background

The founders Ryan Strandin and Jaffer Ali have always been relatively health conscious people. Together they have a wide range of health experiences. That includes an athletic past, weight lifting, ketosis diets, vegetarian diets, intermittent fasting, paleo diets, and more. Always searching for solutions to live happier, healthier, more productive lives.

Despite all of these diets and experiments to become healthier, Ryan was plagued by a chronically acidic stomach. Causing pain every day, he eventually resigned to the idea that his stomach would never get better.

Discovering Home-Brewed Kombucha

Ryan had bought kombucha from the store shelf here and there, and always enjoyed the taste, but it never did much to cure his stomach. As a project for fun, he started brewing his own kombucha at home. When the first batch was done, he started drinking it every day. After a single week of drinking homebrew, Ryan's acidic stomach was cured. No more pain. One more week of drinking home-brewed kombucha and Ryan had lost 6-lbs of just internal swelling. The intestinal tract was so out of balance, that it was inflamed. The kombucha was rapidly helping rebalance his system from the inside out.

With such tremendous results, Ryan immediately called Jaffer and told him to start brewing. After a few more batches and the continually growing benefits, Ryan and Jaffer started looking into why they were getting such tremendous results from homebrewed kombucha, that they were not feeling the same way with store bought product. They discovered a pretty obvious truth.

Kombucha is a live product. If you want a 6-month shelf-life, there are 2 options:

  1. Massively reduce the number of probiotics so they don't run out of food (sugar).
  2. Let the probiotics eat through all of the food, and die.

Homebrewed Kombucha For Everyone

Ryan and Jaffer decided that neither of these two options were acceptable. Instead, they searched for a solution that would allow people to take advantage of the full health benefits of fresh kombucha. Instead of trying to re-invent the wheel, we actually adopted the "milkman" model. Our customers join a subscription, receiving orders of kombucha every week, 2 weeks, or 4 weeks. Whenever their next delivery is scheduled to arrive, they leave their old bottles on their doorstep for us to collect, wash, and reuse.

In order to ensure that our customers receive the freshest product possible, we time our batches to come to maturation on Saturday when we bottle. Then we deliver the bottles of kombucha on Sunday and Monday. That way our customers have the fresh kombucha within 48 hours of being harvested.

Bucha Belly As A Company

Bucha Belly was founded on April 1, 2017. As two optimistic founders, we started with high hopes and were met with open arms by the Seattle community. Being the first to approach kombucha in this way, we were surprised at how quickly people have adopted the idea. We outgrew our first kitchen's capacity within 5 months and moved into a larger space in November.

Our new kitchen is located at 562 1st Ave S, Seattle 98104. The new kitchen is amazing and allows Bucha Belly to keep growing and providing more Seattlites homebrewed kombucha right to their doorstep.