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About Bucha Belly

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What Is Bucha Belly?
Bucha Belly is a local Seattle Kombucha subscription, that delivers 7 days worth of fresh, organic kombucha to your door every Sunday


What makes Bucha Belly kombucha different?
Bucha Belly kombucha is brewed locally in Seattle with locally sourced ingredients. Most brands are brewed to ship around the world and survive on shelves for long periods of time. To do this, they suppress the probiotics, which are the biggest health benefit from drinking kombucha.


How do I know if Bucha Belly will deliver to my address?
Please check if we deliver on our check availability page.


How does it work?
Every Sunday for the duration of your subscription, you will receive a delivery of 7 bottles of fresh, organic kombucha. After the first week, you leave your empty bottles on your doorstep, we will retrieve, wash, and reuse the bottles to achieve 0 waste!



Tips For Managing Your Subscription!

Can I pick my flavors?
At this time, we are shipping our most highly anticipated and easy-to-drink flavor. We think this lemon-ginger blend is a true and amazing introduction to the Bucha-Belly line and kombucha in general. However, we have many flavors in the works with R&D right now that will be available for selection after a short time. For now, check out our pricing page to start your subscription and send us an email to to suggest the flavor you’d most like to see in the future!


Can I change my subscription?
At any time, you can email us to change/upgrade your subscription.


Can I pause my subscription?
We all know life happens, whether it is a vacation or a hectic work schedule keeping you away from your daily kombucha habit. Though in the latter we recommend a daily dose of Bucha-Belly to keep you happy and healthy through your stressful times, you can always send us an email at to pause your subscription when needed.



Everything you need to know about your package

Why delivery?
More than just convenience, we believe free, weekly delivery to our customers ensures a higher quality product than anything you can get in the stores. This is because rather than sitting on shelves, our product is delivered as soon as it’s ready, meaning you get the greatest volume of probiotics and antioxidants levels in every serving.


Can you delivery daily?
By delivering weekly, Bucha Belly is able to consistently provide our customers with incredibly fresh kombucha while minimizing our carbon footprint.


Why only deliver locally?
We are committed to providing a delicious, raw, and hyper-local product to our customers within the city.


What if I don't have an accessible doorway/love in a condo/have a locked gate?
If you are unable to, or do not feel comfortable sharing the necessary information to get to your doorstep, then we are currently unable to provide you with a kombucha subscription.


Can I change my delivery day?
Our only delivery days are Sunday and Monday. You can message us at any time to change your delivery day.


What if I am not home when my delivery arrives
You do not need to be home to accept your Bucha Belly delivery. Remember to leave your empty bottles on the front porch, and they will be replaced by new bottles of fresh kombucha!


About Kombucha

Information About The Bucha Belly ingredients

What is kombucha?
Kombucha is millennia old drink known for its surprising health benefits and delicious, refreshing taste. More technically, it is a slightly fermented, lightly effervescent and subtlely sweet version of tea.


Is drinking kombucha safe?
Of course! Drinking kombucha is more than safe and had a variety of extraordinary health benefits.


What are the health benefits of kombucha
 Although there are many, kombucha’s probiotic rich blend is a blessing to a healthy gut, helping to improve digestion, aid in better energy levels, and thus allow for easier weight loss and an effortless happy mood.


How is kombucha made?
Kombucha is fermented tea, that makes for a light and delicious carbonated drink with extraordinary health benefits of this probiotic process./expand]


Is Kombucha safe for children?The fermentation process does add very low levels of alcohol to the kombucha (< .5%) which is considered non-alcoholic by law. However, it is best to avoid kombucha if you are pregnant, or have an alcohol sensitivity.


Is there caffeine in kombucha?
Kombucha generally has about one-third the caffeine of the tea it’s made from. For black tea kombucha, like ours, that equates to about 10-25mg of caffeine per cup.


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How do I store my kombucha?
Kombucha is a living product full of pro-biotics that continue to expand if kept at warm temperatures. When you receive the Bucha Belly kombucha, put it in the refrigerator as soon as possible to ensure that you can open the bottles without excess pressure and foam spilling out of the bottle


Can I leave kombucha out?
Although there is not a health risk to leaving Bucha Belly kombucha bottles at room temperature, it is important to keep the bottles cool to prevent excess carbonation or an altered flavor profile. This is a living drink, and though it is always safe to consume, we think it’s best served chilled.


What is burping? Do I have to do it??
Burping is the process of relieving the pressure from excess carbonation build up in the living drink kombucha. Bucha-Belly kombucha bottles come under refrigeration with just the right amount of carbonation, and you should hear a satisfying pop when you open the bottles. However, it may be necessary to burp the bottles by opening and closing their caps if they have been left at room temperature for extended periods of the time, as the living probiotics in the drink could build up excess pressure


How often do the flavors change? Is it healthy to drink kombucha every day?
Absolutely! Not only is it safe, it’s recommended as many of the kombucha health benefits take some routine and regularity to build up, and then only get better over time as you add to the foundation of your consistently healthy lifestyle.


What if I don't drink all of the kombucha bottles?
Share! Although we find 16oz (or more!) to be the perfect amount for our daily kombucha drinking needs, if you find yourself with more drink at the end of your week, we are sure you won’t have to look far for help with that!


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Who We Are and What We Do!

Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes! If you would like to join our affiliate program, please create an account by clicking on this link: Affiliate Program


Can I buy a Gift Card?
Yes! You can find it in our store here