We believe simple is better when it comes to ingredients. All Bucha Belly Kombucha is made with 5 ingredients. Water, Organic Tea, Organic Sugar, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Ginger. It is the quality of the ingredients we use, and fresh delivery that sets Bucha Belly apart from the competition. We brew kombucha the way that you would at home.

Purified WAter

Ultra-Purified Water

Our water is put through the most rigorous quality standards to ensure that you will only be consuming the purest product possible. This includes using a carbon filter, micron filter, reverse osmosis, and a UV Light to ensure you only consume the best!

Organic Himalayan Black Tea

The most important part of kombucha is the tea that is used. We use the highest quality Himalayan Black Tea available to give our kombucha a robust, yet subtle flavor that is very drinkable. High-quality black tea also ensures that you will get the most health benefits infused into every sip!

Purified WAter
Purified WAter

Organic Brazilian Cane Sugar

Sugars all have their own unique taste. After a great deal of research and failed attempts, we discovered that Brazilian Cane sugar gave Bucha Belly the perfect amount of sweetness. We use organic sugar to ensure that you are getting the highest quality product possible.

Organic Lemon

The lemon we use plays an essential part in the Bucha Belly signature flavor. It provides a bright note that makes out kombucha exceptionally light and drinkable.

Purified WAter
Purified WAter

Organic Ginger

We use organic ginger to add body to the signature Bucha Belly flavor. Beyond adding some robustness to the Bucha Belly flavor, ginger provides numerous health benefits to ensure that our customers stay in tip-top health!