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A tradition of Health in the Puget Sound

The Puget Sound is home to some of the most healthy and environmentally conscious people in the country. Seattlites are always looking for ways that they can be doing more. The Puget Sound is a place where people truly care about our neighbors. We will go out of our way to do the right thing. We don’t just take care of the environment, we ask others to do the same. There are many events about nature throughout the year. Earth day really stands out because it is when we all come together to do so much good. Part of that tradition is to pass down a love for the planet to our children too.

Puget Sound Earth Day Events

April 22 is Earth Day for 2018. Since the Puget Sound is such an eco-friendly place, Earth Day lasts for 3 days (April 20-22.) Over 41 events were hosted and attracted thousands of volunteers to help keep the Puget Sound clean. Earth Day weekend is an amazing chance for all Seattlites to show how much they love living in the Puget Sound. Locals show this love by putting in the work to keep the area so beautiful. Part of this effort is allowing children to take part in the preservation of our planet too.

Puget Sound Wildlife Festival

Seattle Wildlife Festival

One event during the Earth Day weekend was the Wildlife Festival. This amazing event was a chance for adults and children to learn about wildlife. This event was full of advice on how we as a PNW community can help the animals thrive. Their website said the event was to:

Celebrate Earth Day early by learning how to protect urban wildlife from local environmental advocacy organizations like Otter Spotters, Save Our Wild Salmon, Seattle Aquarium, Seattle Audubon, and others.

Reports said that hundreds of people showed up to show their support and learn.

Puget Sound Earth Day Run

Puget Sound Health Run

The Seattle area does an excellent job of fusing the personal health along with environmental health. One of the more athletic events from Earth Day weekend was the “Earth Day Run.” This event had an option to run a 5k, 10k, or 15k, and a kids dash. This allowed everyone to feel included. The race festivities also included a tree give-a-way and organic snacks. When the races were finished, everyone was encouraged to stick around and help plant trees in Magnuson Park.

Including Kids in such a positive event is a great way to form great habits in children. Encouraging a love of physical activity will keep them healthy. Exercise helps people both physically and mentally. One of the greatest thing about the event is showing the children how many adults care about the environment. This shows that anyone can make a big difference. Working side by side to plant trees helps children understand that they are part of this community of planet stewardship. Hopefully, this attitude will follow them all the way throughout their life.

West Seattle Junction Spring Clean

Seattle cares deeply about the environment, but we are not perfect. Some Seattleites litter all over the place. Luckily events like Spring Clean has volunteers who pick up some of the trash people leave behind. The page outlines some of the ways that they are contributing to keeping the Puget Sound clean and healthy.

Activities include picking up litter, stenciling storm drains to prevent water pollution, painting out graffiti, removing invasive plants, and more. Seattle Public Utilities and the Junction Association supports volunteers by providing free tools like garbage bags, gloves, garbage grabbers, safety vests, and paint supplies.

Many participants of all ages joined together to right some of the wrongs. Keeping the PNW clean is a group.


It is inspiring to watch so many Seattlites donate their time in order to keep Seattle clean. Watching families bring their children to these events brings hope that Seattle will continue to be the amazing place that we know it to be for years to come. All volunteers, organizers, and participants of these events deserve your appreciation and thanks. No matter how big or small their contribution, it is greatly appreciated by everyone who lives in or travels to the Puget Sound.

Puget Sound Companies Making A Difference

Seattle corporate culture promotes the responsible use of resources too. Many companies fund projects that will help maintain our environment. Others host events that increase education about the issues. Other’s have business practices that are directly reducing waste.

Pints & Public Lands Film Fest

Peddler Brewing Company put on an event called Pints and Public Lands. This event was a unique mix of education, entertainment, and fundraising. Peddler showed seven short films that give a detailed explanation of how public lands are used. The films outlined the benefits to American people. The videos went on to explain the public lands are in danger. But if we all stand together, we can preserve the public land. Peddler also donated $1 from every beer sold to help the effort.

Puget Sound Kombucha Company Bucha Belly

Bucha Belly is a Kombucha company located right here in Seattle. If you are unfamiliar with Kombucha, it is very old. Kombucha is a fermented tea that was invented in 226 BC in Northeast China. The drink got its name from Dr. Kombu, a Korean physician who brought the fermented tea to Japan as a curative for Emperor Inkyo.

Kombucha is known as the drink of immortality. The health benefits from drinking kombucha are without overstating it, a miracle. Kombucha is very well known for its ability to heal your “gut.” Kombucha does this by providing the digestive system with plenty of probiotics, digestive enzymes, and anti-inflammatory properties. This gives the body tools to heal itself. Most people who begin drinking kombucha see a large improvement in their digestive health within days or weeks.

Commitment to The Environment

Beyond of the digestive system, Kombucha has been found to radically improve mental health. According to a study published in 2012 by Biopolymers and Cell, kombucha may be great for long-term space exploration. Kombucha’s ability to regulate the “communication of the gut-brain axis” suggests that it can prevent or minimize anxiety and depression in people that are under extreme work conditions. (Like Astronauts.)

Kombucha health benefits are maximized when you drink kombucha that hasn’t been altered by big companies. Most kombucha you find on the shelf has been altered in order to achieve long shelf life. Bucha Belly is able to avoid this by brewing the kombucha right here in Seattle. By only delivering to residents of the Puget Sound, Bucha Belly customers are getting to experience the maximum health benefits of this miracle drink.

If that wasn’t enough, their commitment to the environment is setting a gold standard that other companies can’t compete with. When Seattleites get a Bucha Belly Subscription, their kombucha is delivered to their doorstep in glass bottles. When it comes time to receive the next delivery, they swap old bottles for new ones. Then these bottles get cleaned, and reused! As a result, Bucha Belly the only Kombucha company in the Puget Sound that is near 0 waste.

If you would like to check out the amazing health benefits of Kombucha, check if Bucha Belly delivers to your address by clicking here: Get Seattle Kombucha

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